26 Nov 2015

When it comes to the best of the interior designs Singapore, to style your house which is newly built or for the purpose of renovation, the most important question that arises is that of bringing together all the people necessary for the job. You will first of all need an architect, an engineer, a glass worker, a mason and many other such people without whom the work cannot even start forget about being completed. The work force is a very important thing while working in the field of construction but more important than that is the skills of the work force. If you have an inexperienced architect or an incompetent one then it is a possibility that he or she may not be able to put down your dreams even on paper. Similarly if the skills of the workers in the field is limited the work may either get stalled or may progress very slowly increasing the time of construction and hence your expenses. The trained individuals are trained also to minimize wastage. Otherwise a lot of stuff may be used in unplanned fashion leading to wastage and increase in the expenses. Thus it is very important that you hire people who have been trained thoroughly in whatever expertise they possess.

26 Nov 2015

When someone says modern style of décor people get confused with the term and assume it to be the style of this era. Rather it is the style of the last century and incorporates the elements from that era. The modern interior design Singapore is a very sleek and clean design that is mostly defined by clean cuts and lines that are defined clearly. The modern style was the style of the 19th century and reflects the thinking of that time. There were continuously new ideas and new techniques floated in the market and all of them were being taken up by the people. This kind of acceptance of anything and everything new and the courage to experiment is visible clearly in the style of the modern interior design Singapore. Modern style was preferably about use of basic yet functional designs and materials with lot of emphasis on the airiness and sunlit rooms. For this the use of glass walls also came in fashion.

Contemporary on the other hand is an entirely different term with no significance whatsoever, historically. Contemporary is any time in the present time. This term can be used in any era. Anything that is contemporary Singapore good interior designers today will be out dated twenty years from now. You cannot use the term contemporary for the designs of the mid nineteenth century or for that matter any design of the past because contemporary by definition is anything that is ongoing in the present times.

Today’s contemporary design is sleek and organic using functional approach to the design. The cuts are straight and use adornments are minimal. However the lack of artistic angle is supplemented by the use of different accessories in bright colors for a white or nude colored background and a rather dull looking accessory against brightly colored walls. It could be said that contrast is the mantra of contemporary style though the entire elements blend together to give flow from one element to another.

26 Nov 2015

The houses that we see on the television or in the movies are assumed to be not real and thus most of the people do not even think of getting those kinds of interiors done in their house. But the great news is that those houses are real and you can get one for yourself too with the help of interior design Singapore. Here are the types of décor that are in these days:

1.      Scandinavian style décor

The Scandinavian style décor is known for its white and nude décor with hints of bright color here and there. The best thing about this kind of interior is that you can bring freshness to your house just by changing the accessories here and there. The Scandinavian style interior design Singapore has excessive use of white and shades of grey and white. This style looks fresh and cool. Warmth can be added by the use of wood in few places in the house.

2.      Minimalistic décor

Generally people think that if you opt of minimalist design in interior décor of the house you must put as little number of stuff but this the half truth. This approach can only be achieved by the right kind of layering. Though you should stick to one or two layers at the max but do not become monotonous and boring. Adding a dash of color in a corner here and a hint of color in a corner there will definitely do the trick. Creating a balance is the key factor in getting this style right.

3.      Modern style décor

Modern style is the style which was prevalent in the late twentieth century and that style is based on the clean interiors with not too much of adornment. It has an airy feel to it and the floor is preferably kept smooth. Mostly natural and neutral materials are used in this kind of décor. Use of plastic in fresh neon colors and unusual cuts and steel was also the part of modern style interior designing.

4.      Contemporary style décor

Contemporary is the style of today and that could be any era. This means that the style or interior design that is being adopted by most of the people of today’s generation is known as contemporary. Thus, contemporary by interior design Singapore is ever changing and will be different for the people of the era twenty years from now. Contemporary is “right now”. But for today’s contemporary the style includes finished and polished look with comfortable and long lasting things. Use of fir or cedar wood and stone is again coming to the foray replacing plastic and other manmade materials owing to environmental and health complications these materials pose.